Drop Dead Gorgeous (2011)

9mins / color / HD / Director, Writer and Producer
Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A

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FIRSTGLANCE_LAUREL_Black  ISFFH-Laurel_black  PAAFF2012Laurels

* Official Selection – Philadelphia Asian Film Festival 2012, Philadelphia, PA
* Winner, Best Special Effects – First Glance Film Festival 2012, Philadelphia, PA
* Official Selection – International Student Film Festival Hollywood 2011, Los Angeles, CA
* Juried Grant – Philadelphia Independent Video and Film Association Finishing Fund
* Juried Grant – Temple University Film and Media Arts Distribution Grant

When your imagination is the reality, what will you do to destroy the person you love? 

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a dark surreal mystery that explores the deathly intimacy between two people.Obsessed over the possible infidelity of their marriage, the couple plays a fatal scrabble game. During this suspicious competition, the man discovers the magical power of the scrabble pieces; Struggling with his own paranoia of his spouse’s infidelity and surprised by the miracle coincidence, the man makes a life-altering decision: to murder his wife in the game. Their intense envy is played out as a fiery competition on the board. Who will be the winner of this minuscule but magical battle?

It is  based on a short story by Charlie Fish, Death by Scrabble. Through the visual stories telling, the film itself shapes the characters of the filmmaker’s interpretation from the original story and reveals an extremely possessive and obsessive relationship of human beings, which is also unfolding how imaginative paranoia occupying in our mind conflicts, even kills, the reality we are living within.

David Blatt
Genevieve Perrier
Written, directed and produced by Doris Chia-Ching Lin
Based on short story by Charlie Fish
Original Music by Daniel Nelson
Cinematography by Brandon Watz
Assistant director Malia Bruker
Voiceover written by Shane Book
Gaffer Marc D’Agostino/ Ian Markiewicz/ Wen Peng
Sound recorded by Kurtis Sensenig
Sound remixed by Alessandro Zangirolami
Music performed by Gonde Tikniz/ Natasha Jaffe/ Richard Jones
Production assistant Haitao Guo
Editing consultant Marc D’Agostino
Color correction consultant Brandon Watz