Maquette 1:1000 (2013)

30mins / color / HD / narrative / Director, Writer and Producer
Taipei, Taiwan / Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A


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Official Trailer

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* Winner, Best short Narrative Film – Next Frame Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA
* Invited Screening – Spotlight on New York: 2015 Taiwanese Student Film Exhibition by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, New York, NY
* Official Selection – 30th Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Fetival, Los Angeles, CA
* Invited Screening – Filmadelphia Showcase, by Philadelphia Film Society, Philadelphia, PA
* Winner, Best Women’s Issues Film – 47th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, Houston, TX
* Official Selection – 36th Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois
* Official Selection – NewFilmmakers NY Winter Screning Series 2014, New York, NY
* Winner, Best Short Film – 2013 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA
* Official Selection – 9th La Femme International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
* Invited as a part the group show of M.F.A. Lab @RAN #4: SOME GOOD FISH IN THE SEA, Brooklyn, NY
* Official Selection – 20th Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
* Winner, Best Graduate Film – Diamond Screen Film Festival 2013, Philadelphia, PA
* Juried Grant – Philadelphia Independent Video and Film Association Finishing Fund
* Juried Grant – Temple University Film and Media Arts Departmental Grant
* Juried Grant – Temple University Completion Grant

Maquette 1:1000 investigates a Taiwanese young architect’s self-awareness through the observation of two difference cities. Impacted by the cultural shock in the foreign environment of the West, Lan Lin makes her decision as she is again facing the same experience, unexpected pregnancy. Having the space-sensitive mind of an architect, she also reconstructs her artistic faith in her career within this extraordinary journey.

Main Cast and Supporting Cast
(in order of appearance)
楊 閔 Ming Yang  – 林  嵐 Lan Lin
Roert Carlton  – 詹姆仕 James
林曉函 Lin Hsiao-Han  – 張筱綾 Chang Hsiao-Ling
葉百恂 Ray Yeh  – 李  劭 Lee Shao
盧侑典 Lu Yu-Dian  – 小  白 White
黃湘如 Huang Shiang-Ru – 林嵐祖母 Lan’s grandmother
謝盈萱 Hsieh Ying-Hsuan – 林嵐表姐 Lan’s cousin
戴若梅 Tai Jo-Mei  – 林嵐母親 Lan’s mother
Nancy Boykin  – 布朗教授 Professor Brown
闕嘉琪 洪宇辰 陳孝齊 陳玉庭
柯家玲 林姿婷 郭柏箴 賴翠梅
James’ Band mates
Jayme Guokas/ Eric Van Osten/ Addam Coop
New Year Guests
蕭培燐 蕭武軒 溫漢珠 沈姿君 許嘉玲 林秋 曾宏達 曾朝山
Lan’s Classmates in Taiwan
林家麒 安威 徐偉瑄
Philadelphia Subway Extras
Kandis Hutcherson, Amouri Taylor, Oscar Molina, Jamel Northern
Wedding Guests
高瑋圻 卓士堯 朱家宜 邱綉惠 古旻宏 李杰成 蕭培燐 溫漢珠 羅月卿 張蔚桓Chandler
張蔚珩Amber 方奕茹Lulu 林桓志Mark 陳怡靜Boa 陳怡錚Bea 宋安賢 張雅筑 餅乾
賴泓彰 阮天竣 江旻隆 銘人 逸軒 周盈達 許魁麟 林小寶 黃伊均 林延駿 李惠婷 黃瓊瑤
廖金葉 余馥如 林秀蘭 陳秀華 張鈺偵 楊育偵 張瑞璋 立城 陳自發
Philadelphia School Gallery
Anastasia Wong/ Herb Shellenberger/ Quichen Cao/ Arthur Yu/ Chad Blevins/ Andrew Prayzner/ J. Makary