Missing Peaces (2009)

8mins / color / experimental narrative / super 16mm / Director, Writer and Producer
(Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A)


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* Official Selection; Philadelphia Independent Film Festival 2010
* Screened in University Film and Video Association (UFVA) conference 2010, Burlington, Vermont
* Official Selection; International Sexy Film Festival 2010 in Australia, toured in Los Angeles, New York, Paris.

“Missing Peaces” is a conceptual experimental narrative short film. The original idea is inspired by a myth by Aristophanes, an ancient Greek comic playwright. People nowadays usually use this theory as an explanation of the origin of love. The story shows the distant intimacy that people in modern society are blindly pursuing. Beginning with a struggling clandestine relationship that the female character is entangled in, we see the film is surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere. The unexpected disappearance of the male character exaggerates the female character’s delusions of intimacy. By running in between reality and fantasy, she blindly attempts to grasp the other’s existence, but eventually she falls into endless cycles of attraction and obsession. Through her reflection, the story portrays a modern take on Aristophanes’ myth of human origin.

Laura C. Berberich
Jonathan Stutzman
Alessandro Zangirolami
Written, Directed by Doris Chia-ching Lin
Produced by Malia Bruker
Director of Cinematography: Chris Fernando
Assistant Director: Ambarien Al Qadar
Production Design: Doris Chia-ching Lin
Boom Operator & Sound Recording: Alina Postula
Gaffer: Alessandro Zangirolami, Haitao Guo
Original Music by Mariana Chamorro
Editing & Sound Mix by Doris, Chia-ching Lin