Troupe de Fetishe (2010)

7mins loop / color / 4k / video installation / Co-creator
Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A


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* Curated Selection – The Crane Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
* Juried Grant – Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fund
* Juried Grant – Philadelphia Independent Video and Film Association Finishing Fund
* Screened in UFVA conference 2011, Boston, MA 

“Troupe de Fetishe” was custom designed for projection on a 100-foot canvas. Four synchronized video projectors work together to create one seamless, 100 feet wide by 25 feet tall, composition. With its impressive visuals and dark yet quirky narrative, “Troupe de Fetishe” addresses the role digital technology plays in the fabrication and control of constructed realities.

Co-Creaters:  Lisa Marie Patzer, Ian Markiewicz
Starring:      Robert Smythe




Philly Weekly Review: Troupe de Fetishe By Roberta Fallon

Troupe de Fetishe [xs]


“Troupe de Fetishe” is a video installation debuted in October, 2010 at the Ice Box Project Space at Crane Arts, LLC.

It was originally designed as a site specific installation for the ICE BOX Project Space in The Crane Arts building as a 100 ft wide by 25 ft tall composition. It is a collaborative piece among the artists: Lisa Marie Patzer, Ian Markiewicz, Doris Chia-ching Lin and David Miranda Hardy.
The creative team, now including artist and engineer Chris Vecchio, is happy to announce that “Troupe de Fetishe” has been redesigned as a small installation – “Troupe de Fatish [xs]”. The video screen is scaled down from 100 ft by 25 ft to 3 inch by 2 inch, on Vanderwold’s cigar box! The installation recreates Vanderwold’s workbench, with his tools, cigar boxes and circus displayed. Inside one of the wooden cigar boxes, is a tiny monitor that plays the seven-minute video. With a set of magnifying lenses, the viewer is allowed to inspect the video image.

“Troupe de Fetishe [xs]” will be featured in The Video Show – 3rd International Juried Exhibition of Video and Media Installation from Feb 21 to March 14 at the Raritan Valley Community College.

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